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★ Perm
For beautiful curls we use a gentle product to avoid any damage to the hair. Latest design and technique from Japan and England.

★ Premium Cosmetic Perm
This perm doesn't use strong chemical (alkalinity is the cause of damaged hair). Our perming lotion is the same pH as hair and skin.
Beautiful curls and beautiful texture. An ideal treatment for dry and brittle hair or for people who need to colour their hair on the same day.

★ Kote Perm (Tong Perm)
To get a truly beautiful perm you can't beat a hot tong perm.
Also you can have a straight perm for the roots and Kote perm for the ends.

★ Japanese permanent Straight Perm
Our top stylists will help you choose a suitable chemical from a choice of five.
You will love your sleek and hair, just as effective as the Yuko System.
Uses a mild natural chemical that will stay straight permanently.

★ Japanese Premium Cosmetic Straight Perm
This straight perm is only slightly acidic, the same as skin and hair. This product will not give you any damage.
Also good for controlling the volume of hair. Allows you to get your hair colour on the same day.
Includes protein to make your hair extra shiny!

★ Hahonico 3step Treatment
New style of japanese 3 step treatment, this product supports dry, ageing and controls texture.
For smooth and silky hair.
One of the most popular hair salon treatments in Japan.

★ Toner
Revives faded colours or for blending in regrowth.
Non damaging perm which takes less time.
For beautiful shiny hair, good for after a perm.



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